Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cool Landing

A ship comes in for a landing over an ice field. More Cintiq work. It's great for sketching and laying in an idea. Unreal, actually. As for texturing a hard-surface model, I don't know. Got to try it one of these days. More custom brushes made for this one.



I was doing some work with dragons on a job and, well, it carries over. I'm on a kick right now to use my Cintiq more. It's small, maybe too small, but I'm going to fall in love with it if it kills me. I also am making a good number of custom brushes these days. Now if only I could organize them...


Monday, August 29, 2011

Luftbank Lambo

This is an old model that I rolled out of the garage. I promised myself I'd design a paintjob for it, and ended up finding that people actually race these things. So, off I went. The lines of this car really lent themselves well to angular stripes and bold colors, so pink and orange it was. I picked T-mobile and adidas as sponsors for that very reason...3 stripes and pink (think TourDeFrance). Never mind the two tire manufacturers...FIA, alright? Other sponsors were gotbluemilk.com (trackday photographer Dito Milian), Ritz-Carlton (why not? it's posh!), Bell&Ross Watches (love 'em), and Akrapovic exhaust (for Branko, my bud from Slovenia).

I started using Vue, too, for backgrounds. It's right powerful, and I'm happy with this as a first try. Bodypaint, Maya, and Photoshop. MentalRay for rendering.

Don't wreck it.